Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

If you like watching your movies and TV shows in the highest possible quality on the market today at a reasonable price, you certainly would have to check this TV out.

The Devant 40CB520 LEDTech TV

Full High Definition 1080p LED TV that comes with 3x HDMI input, CCS Technology, USB 2.0, Invisible Speaker, Clear Panel, 60Hz Vivid Motion, PC Input and LEDTech Superior Color Performance. With the special lighting system that adjusts to the specific ambiance in whichever room you are in, you will never again have blurry lines or have to adjust your own vision to watch everything clearly. This innovative technology is one that Devant specifically came up with to not only help with picture quality, but also to look out for the well being of their customers.

Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

In my case, all my favorite movies and mp3's save in my 320GB ext. HDD (WD MyPassport) with Devant 2.0 USB features,  now it allows me to play this movies in a just a few clicks of the remote. It supports most of all videos format like FLV, 3GP, MKV, AVI and MP4.

Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

I also used this as my extended monitor for my laptop (Using HDMI) as I play DOTA l, ll and League of Legends (LOL), wow! the contrast (3,000,000:1) was terrific, it was a crisp, detailed picture, action by action! I clearly see all what's happening in my map, so 2x I enjoyed playing using this TV.
Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

I must say this TV rocks as my hero (Slark) give me a RAMPAGE most of the time!

Devant TV is my DOTA 2 Gaming Companion!

Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

For all of the environmentalists out there, you can always be sure that Devant is going to keep things green with their Energy saving technology that cuts off the power at designated times. It also uses some of the safest technologies to keep from harming the environment at all. This should go over very well with most of the users because it is probably something that most people wished came standard on all televisions.

Final Words:
There are many things to love about this TV and it is very possible that it will be the very last TV you ever own. From the video quality to its extra features, you really cannot go wrong with setting one of these beautiful machines up in whichever room you desire. It will look good just about anywhere and serve its purpose 5x over. All in all, I will rate this TV a 8/10 Stars! I like pictures, quality design and features. If there's one thing I dislike, that is the remote control.

Devant LED TV 40CB520 Review

But if you're looking for an affordable quality LED TV in the market today, I recommend this TV.

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