How to Change Bluestacks Resolution in Windows with Notepad 

Bluestacks resolution is one of the issue which is to be resized and changed when required. Bluestacks App Player is the app player used to play android apps on your computer. It is one of the most used software to access android application on your computer.

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Well, I think you all know about Bluestacks that’s why you are here to resolve your issue. Lets come back to the main topic on How To Change Bluestacks Resolution in Windows. As i know most of the bluestacks users likes to play android games on their computer. For different games, different resolution are required. But not every thing in bluestacks is easy to access. It’s is not so difficult to change bluestacks resolution in windows.

Change Bluestacks Resolution

In this tutorial, I will teach you How to Change Bluestacks Resolution in Windows or How to resize Bluestacks Resolution in computer by using only Notepad.

How does it works?

With Notepad you can easily Change and Edit your config and save as  Anyname.REG

You can save many Screen Resolution and with that you can easily choose your screen resolution on specific apps . You don't need to go to registry editor just to change your resolution a hustle one to do that...

Follow the below steps carefully to Change Bluestacks Resolution in Windows with NOTEPAD.


Step By Step Guide How To Change Bluestacks Resolution in Windows with Notepad

If you don’t have Bluestacks installed in your Computer. Download it from here.
1. Open a NOTEPAD  copy the code below.
This is Example  is  800x600 resolution by HEX value. (Note: width 800 x height 600)


2. As what I said the above code example is 800x600 resolution.. How that happen?

Open a Windows Calculator.. Open it  on Programmer Mode..  even you don't know how to HEX this will help you

Or you can use this webtool dec to hex : http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter

Change Bluestacks Resolution

3. On the Calculator type your Resolution example is 800.. the calculator show the HEX value of 800 is 320 take note that..

Change Bluestacks Resolution

You will do the same on 600 and you will get the Hex value 258.

Change Bluestacks Resolution

4. Now  you already have two HEX value you need  for Width and Height

Change the following..


5. Save As  Anyname.reg  or the size resolution 800x600.reg

Change Bluestacks Resolution

6. Now open your Reg file and click Merge! and your done restart your Bluestack to take effect.

Change Bluestacks Resolution

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