Android developers and porters put an efforts to made  it possible for us but chances of bricking your device is possible, much worse we came up with a dead boot Android phone. How can we prevent such circumstances? There are no guarantee that the custom or modified ROM is 100% compatible to our device, in that case, what you need is a backup of your current ROM. This time I will be specific, our guide for today is creating a full dump ROM backup in several Mediatek  devices. How to determine if your Android phone is Mediatek?, for we to be able to check whether your Android phone is Mediatek powered or not, first download CPU-Z from Google play, Open CPU-Z and under SoC tab, if you see an MT65xx or MediaTek logo that means your device is using a Mediatek chipset. So you have now an idea, once you confirm that you’re using a Mediatek device let’s proceed to the step below.

Full Dump ROM and IMEI backup

What you need
  • First install the MT65xx USB, driver.I made a separate guide for that, for Windows 7 operating system click here and for Windows 8 to the latest, follow the guide here. 
  • Once you successfully installed the driver. Make sure your USB debugging is enabled. Your desktop computer will be able to read your device. Open MTK Droid tools, wait until your device is detected.
  • Unlock the screen of your device and click “Root” button at the bottom.
  • Wait for the process to finish, you will see a green indicator once it’s done.
  • Under “Root backup and recovery” tab.
  • Mark the following: backup user data and cache.
  • Now click the “Backup” button.
  • The backup file will be saved in MTK Droid backup folder.

Congratulation for your first backup, you can now flash any custom ROMs without worrying that it could be the hard brick, just make sure to keep your backup on a safe place.


Our next guide is creating a backup of IMEI. IMEI is a set of number and a unique identification of your device. What will happen if you lost or accidentally erase your IMEI? IMEI is being used to identify you network signal, so if you lost it, your device signal could probably be gone, there’s a tool to fix the IMEI problem, though. For fixing IMEI problem read “Fix invalid IMEI and NVRAM error“.
Now you have a basic knowledge about IMEI and it’s function let proceed to the backup process. Before doing this make sure your device is rooted.

  1. Download and install Mobileuncle MTK tool from Google play.
  2. Open MTK tool from your app drawer. It will ask for root permission just tap “grant”.
  3. Tap “IMEI backup and restore” and choose Backup IMEI to sdcard2.
  4. Follow the onscreen procedure. A message will prompt once a backup process has been finished.
  5. a filename IMEI.bak will be saved in your SDcard. Do not delete that file as it contains your IMEI information.

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