Thursday, January 7

Clash Royale iOS Glitch (Unlimited Gems | XP)

Clash Royale iPhone iPad Glitch Latest

Good News iOS (iPhone|iPad) Clash Royale players! 
Supercell Clash Royale new game does have glitch on it's server for unlimited Gems and Unlimited Experience (XP). All you have to do is to edit .csv file in Clash Royale folder on your iPhone or iPad. 

Look for "Achievements" and edit


Look at the "GATHERER" Achievements "CLAIM" Button is available even it is not yet 3Starred

For Full Guide on this Glitch you can download a full video guide on How to get Clash Royale iOS Unlimited Gems / XP.

I uploaded here

Video toturial Info:
  • 2:14 length
  • mp4 format
  • (HD) iPhone6 Screen Recorded
  • Step by step tutorial

Hurry iOS Users before Supercell see this post and immediately patched this game.