Working affordable affordable trick on how to get 31GB of mobile Internet Data for 3 days or can be extended up to 1 Month.

New Globe Bug

3 Days Globe Bug 31GB Internet for ₱15

Follow steps below:
  • Make it sure that you have ZERO load balance. Just balance inquiry to be sure.
  • If Globe's reply is " Insufficient balance " , that is good. Go ahead and reload 15 php and proceed with the trick. 
  • If the reply was " Incorrect Keyword " or something similar, I'm afraid the subscription can't be done on your area or Sim Card. You can try purchasing another Globe sim though. 
  • Send GOTXT15 to 8888 and wait for the confirmation.
  • Send GOTXTMB15 STATUS to 8888 and wait for the confirmation.
You will receive the confirmation status and you will see there that you have 31 GB worth of mobile Internet data and you may now Enjoy surfing for 3 days!

If you want a 1 month subscription, simply register GS99 to 8888 after registering GOTXT15. Your  subscription will now be extended for a month! You also have the Option to add another 31 GB of data by registering GOTXT15 to 8888 again. Now you have 31GB on 3days for only 15 Pesos on Globe SIM.

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