POWERAPP is an app-based mobile store which offers affordable mobile internet packages with a lot of cool features like unlimited mobile internet access with no MB or data cap, no hidden charges, also has speed boost alert and perfect for Android and iOS users. Detailed info about this on SMART's official website

Donwload PowerApp Unlimited Here

Today's post is all about the newest app-based mobile store of SMART called POWERAPP. It's like an app where you can find the latest news about SMART's ongoing promos and of course, you can get unlimited internet access without data capping (that's according to their official website).

Smart Bug "POWERAPP"

Good news! is that there is an existing POWERAPP 2016 BUG that allows its users to get an unlimited free internet without paying for the original price of the promo.


  • Register to any promo of POWERAPP
  • Load protect off to 999
  • Free wiki to 555
  • fb2 to 999
  • MMS on 333
  • Then browse (you must be directed to POWERAPP)
  • Then register to your dashboard BOOST5 and try downloading big files for at least 800 MB. If the download went through, it means that you already bugged your smart sim card.


  • No load needed.
  • Protect OFF to 999
  • Register to FREE WIKI to 555
  • Go to http://powerapp.smart.com.ph/ then look for ALLDAY20 then register as much as you can
  • Go to CMD and ping GOOGLE
  • Try to download higher MB files like a movie for example then that's it!

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