Bidvertiser Ads Block Site in Google Search Results  

Hello webmasters and bloggers! I know you hardly search for this on how to recover, troubleshoot or fix your blog or website when suddenly drop your organic traffic and worse case block or delete in google search engine (www.google.com).

 This issue starts at Google Master Tool (Security Issues)
Currently, we haven't detected any security issues with your site's content. If you want to learn more about security issues and how they could affect your site, review our resources for hacked sites. 

However, if you see a malware warning in the browser when navigating to your site, it's likely that your site is referencing code or content from another domain that has malware. Read up on cross-site malware and learn how to address it.

Actually Infotechmaestro also encountered this problem, look here when I search my site in google → zero (0) results found!

Bidvertiser Ads Block Site in Google Search Results

You search in google.com -  site:www.mywebsite.com - did not match any documents.

  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly. 
  • Try different keywords. 
  • Try more general keywords.

Why and what the cause?

Bidvertiser ad network sends and display advertisements on your page with malicious code (pop up, pop under) that potentially re-direct your readers to a fake download sites or phishing urls that trigger your browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to be suspicious. So all
you have to do is to ERASE all Bidvertiser ads widget on your blog page.

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