Monday, February 1

How to Root Firefly Android Kitkat Phones

Tutorial on how to root your Firefly Android Phones.

Root Firefly Android Kitkat

Phone Models can be Root:
Now you can Root Firefly S20, Firefly S110, Firefly Intense, Firefly S120, Firefly GT200, Firefly S60 and Firefly S30...&more..

Benefits of rooting:

  • A rooted device ensures that any and every app can be downloaded; there might be a few bugs, but they’ll still run.
  • If you root, you’ll notice that Tasker can go above and beyond to automate almost everything, like toggling GPS, altering CPU speed, and powering the screen on and off.
  • With a rooted device you don’t have to choose, because you can either overclock or underclock your CPU accordingly.
  • Block out any ads on your apps to avoid sluggish performance and unwanted banner clicks.
  • Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot without the monthly charges from your carrier.
  • Simply flash a beautifully creative ROM to your device to customize, add features, and tweak your factory OS for a complete makeover.

What you need in Rooting

  • Computer running Windows XP or higher
  • MyPhone Infinity Lite
  • USB cable connector
  • Vroot Software (Download link)
  • USB Windows Driver (Download link)
  • Common sense

Steps on Rooting Firefly Android Phone

  • Install Windows driver in your computer 
  • Install vRoot in your computer 
  • From your smartphone, go to Setting > Developer options > check USB debugging 
  • Connect Firefly android to your computer using USB cable 
  • Open vRoot (run as administrator) 
  • Wait for your smartphone to be detected 
  • Hit ROOT 
  • Congratulations! You are now rooted  
  • Now Download SuperSU @ GooglePlay 
  • Install then choose "allow" 
  • Install binary (choose normal)
  • Then check if your Firefly phone is rooted
  • Download "Root Checker" @ GooglePlay
  • Done!

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