This is a modded version of DataEye using DataEye clone. This is intended for non-root users and also for rooted as well. I've added features to import db files and xml files. Its working on non-root users. Also I've added a feature to edit xml directly from the app. No need to go to the root folder. Editable parts were hmac expiry and hmac servers. Lastly, I've added exit button.

Data Eye Mod Unli No Root Need

  1. Download data eye mod here (data eye clone)
  2. install data eye clone and open then force close. 
  3. transfer .xml file to data/data/com.lotusflare.datasensos/shared_pref folder and replace existing file. 
  4. transfer 2 database files to data/data/com.lotusflare.datasensos/databases folder and replace existing files. 
How to fix - Having "null" error during import? Try this one. I've reverted back to old file picker, just download and install this  Data Eye Mod Fix Apk

Data Eye Clone

Only compatible db files for dataeye clone can be used.
Import db files and xml files after installation

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