There's a lot of android apps in Google Play store offering free wifi pass hack. But sad to say none of this are working! This apps will not give you the exact WiFi password. So is there any way to know your neighbors WiFi password? The answer is Yes! This is a simple old trick how to get your friend, customer or neighbor WiFi password.

Before you go to next steps, you must barrow the android phone of  the WiFi owner! It's up to you what the reason. For example: You want to know your friend WiFi Pass. You can barrow his android and tell him you want to Bluetooth or share it a file. something like that. Just use your brain how you can barrow his/her android phone.

Oh I forgot! Android Phone of  the WiFi owner must be rooted, if not use kingroot to root it quickly.

  • Open Root Browser
  • Tap on Data

Hack WiFi password
  • Open misc folder
Hack WiFi password
  • Open WiFi
Hack WiFi password
  • Open wpa_suplicant.conf
Hack WiFi password
  • Choose Open with...
Hack WiFi password
  • Tap RB Text Editor
Hack WiFi password
  • Now you will see WiFi Password
Hack WiFi password
  • Done! You can now CONNECT

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purpose only, we are not responsible for any damage or loss on your part.

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  1. theres so much tricks. you can use wifi viewer app to know it. install then open. done!