Slow Computer (Laptop, Netbook, Notebook, Desktop)? Well, here's the simple and easiest solution how to speed up your computer!

Reducing RAM

  • First: Know what is you Computer RAM


What is RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM is a part of your PC which temporarily stores the necessary data needed for a program to execute. In some instances, as programs are closed, they leave small chunks of data in the RAM. These chunks of data are left unused yet take up a space in the RAM. As more programs are run and terminated, the amount of "idle" data left in the RAM piles up and takes up a considerable space. This is not a problem if you have a lot of RAM to spare. But if you have 1 GB or less amount of RAM and you use RAM-intensive programs at the same time, then the issue becomes more apparent. Your PC slows down.

How to know your Computer RAM size

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard

In Windows 7,8,10

Reducing RAM

In Windows XP

Reducing RAM

Now on this case you will see my RAM (My Desktop and Laptop)
On Windows 8 - 4GB
On Windows XP- 2GB

Here's the VBS Ram Equivalents (Depends on your RAM Capacity)
FreeMem=Space(64000000) if your RAM is below 1GB.
FreeMem=Space(51200000) if your RAM is 512 MB
FreeMem=Space(102400000) if your RAM is 1GB
FreeMem=Space(204800000) if your RAM is 2GB
FreeMem=Space(409600000) if your RAM is 4GB and so on
  • Now Open Notepad
  • Copy the Red Line Only example: FreeMem=Space(409600000)
  • (Because I have 4GB RAM)
  • Save the file as VBS extension. (Any name example: boost.vbs)

Reducing RAM

  • Click Save
  • Now Open Notepad again
mystring=(80000000) for 128 MB RAM
mystring=(160000000) for 256 MB RAM
mystring=(320000000) for 512 MB RAM
mystring=(655000000) for 1GB RAM
mystring=(1000000000) for 2GB RAM
Mystring=(1655000000) for 3GB RAM
Mystring=(2000000000) for 4GB RAM
Mystring=(2650000000) for 5GB RAM
Mystring=(3000000000) for 6GB RAM
Mystring=(3650000000) for 7GB RAM
Mystring=(4000000000) for 8GB RAM
Mystring=(7300000000) for 16GB RAM

  • Copy the Red Line Only example: mystring=(1000000000)
  • (Because I have 2GB RAM)
  • Save the file as VBS extension. (Any name example: RAM.vbs)
Reducing RAM
  • Now Just Double Click the 2 VBS Script you created
  • (No Pop Ups or any effect upon clicking the VBS script file)
  • Done! Feel the difference (I'm sure your Computer is more faster than before) 

Is it true that adding .vbs file to my string speeds up my PC?

Yes, it is true that adding .vbs file embedded with the right code could actually speed up a PC. A .vbs extension is an extension associated with VBScript files. VBScript is a scripting language for Microsoft. In layman's speak, VBScript is capable of communicating and issuing commands to your PC's Microsoft Windows operating system via a certain set of codes.

Apparently, VBScript has a certain code for telling the operating system to detect and "free up" unused RAM in your PC. And that exactly is the code embedded within the vbs file discussed in this article.

How does it work?
When you run the .vbs file in your computer, it forces the computer to clear the "idle" data stored in RAM or the data left by programs you recently used and terminated. With additional vacant RAM, you will now have more RAM to allot to programs you wish to run.

The cleared up idle data is not totally terminated. It is relegated to the "virtual memory" or swap file of the PC. A virtual memory is a portion of your PC's hard disk that is used by the operating system as if it was an extension of the RAM. Because hard disks have relatively slower access rates than the true physical RAM, it is not advisable to use excessive amounts of virtual memory for running programs as it bogs down the PC. In this case, because what we are trying to get rid of are data that are not essential for any presently running programs or processes, it is okay to utilize the virtual memory.

Tips Tricks & Warnings
This is very useful after you play a game or to Software that uses a lot of RAM.
This is like restarting your PC without restarting your PC.
This is particularly useful for old PCs with limited RAM resources.

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