If there are problems with your C3 Andromax Smartfren , suppose happened bootloop or shuts it down, you have to do a re-flash or install recovery img on the Andromax Smartfren. Flash process or flashing the same as the reinstall process on a computer or PC, so that you will get a flashing initial performance as well just come out of the factory . So flashing Smartfen Andromax C3 is a smart way if Smartfen Andromax C3 is not responding and can not be power on or other terms are bootloop.

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Flash Smartfren Andromax

  • Download Sdimage to Andromax C3 AD6B1H here
  • Once you have finished downloading files over, now extract the file, then move sdimage folder to the SD card.
  • Put the SDimage into the device Andromax C3
  • Then turn on your C3 Andromax, After Andromax C3 turns on and the position ready for use, you will find a message read more and iconic blue box. You can click or tap on the text.
  • Flash process will start, and lasted for 15 to 20 minutes. If you see an update message success, then the flash process is complete.
  • Done!

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