Tutorial on how to see or how to know your blackberry phone IMEI #. This soft also help you to know your Blackberry MEP ID.

What is Blackberry MEP?
MEP ID is NOT your Unlock Code! The MEP is a serial number identifier of the operator (provider) of the Blackberry. 

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Blackberry IMEI Identifier

What you need:
  • Laptop or Desktop (PC)
  • Blackberry Phone
  • Blackberry Informations Reader Software (Download link) (Skip Ad)
Note: You computer must have blackberry drivers installed. If not, you can download BB drivers here.

  • Connect your phone to the computer 
  • To read the MEP (MEP ID) and the IMEI of your BlackBerry 
  • Run the "Blackberry Informations Reader Software" 
  • Click "Read Phone" 
or you can simply press *#06# on your Blackberry Phone to know your IMEI #.

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