Easy way to Openline or Unlock any Blackberry mobile in order to use any SIM CARD like Globe, Smart, Sun, ABS-CBN Mobile, Talk N/ Text and more. This is the Blackberry Code Generator. Now you can unlock or Openline your Blackberry without going to a technician by doing it on yourself at home.

Openline Blackberry

First you have to know you IMEI and MEP ID in order to work this method. If you dont know how to find your personal IMEI and MEP. Follow my tutorial here.

Blackberry Unlocker is created by darmiles! Big thanks to him. Download Blackberry Unlocker Tool here.

  • First Download Blackberry Unlocking Tool > Blackberry Openline (Skip Ad)
  • Now Install this to your PC
  • Enter your IMEI and MEP ID

Unlock Blackberry
  • MEP2 Code is Your Network Unlock Code 
  • MEP4 Code is Your Service Provider Unlock Code
  • Congratulations now your Blackberry is Unlocked! 

Note: If you dont know how to enter the unlocking codes follow tutorial here on how to input unlocking code on Blackberry.

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