If you are a developer, unlocking the bootloader will allow you to customize your device, but keep the following in mind:
  • You will lose all media and content on your device and will need to reinstall all applications downloaded from Google Play.
  • Applications may not work anymore.
  • You may lose encryption support.
  • You may lose some key functions like telephone, radio, and audio playback.
  • You could cause permanent/physical damage to your device.
  • Unlocking your bootloader will not change your device subsidy lock status

Motorola Bootloader

Free Unlock Codes (Motorola Phone)

  • Just go to Motorola Portal Site here

  • Now sign in or sign up
  • Then search for your code
  • Enter to you phone
Motorola Bootloader
  • Congrats! your Motorola phone is unlocked!
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