Unroot MyPhone

 1 - Download the free app Root Browser from Play Store on your Myphone.

To download it click this link:

2 - Click on Root Browser app that we just donwloaded.

Once in the software, search and click on the “/system/” folder and inside of this, access to “/bin/” folder.
Search the file named “su” and delete it (keep pressed until the delete option pops up).
If you are unable to find the “su” file, exit this folder and, in “/system/”, access the “xbin” folder and delete the “su” file.

3 - Eventually, return to “/system/” folder and access to the “/app/” directory.

Inside the “/app/” folder, delete the “Superuser.apk” file (Keep pressing on the file and the delete option will pop up).

4 - Restart your MyPhone Android Mobile and check it has been unrooted.

Eventually to check if it is unrooted, you just need to go to Play Store and download the free app Root Checker, open this app and press in "Verify root" and see if your MyPhone Android it's rooted or not.

5 - Congratulations! You just unrooted your MyPhone Android Mobile!

Tutorial above can Unroot MyPhone Models: MyPhone MY36, MyPhone MY35, MyPhone MY33, MyPhone INFINITY,  MY21, MY27, MY26,  MY31, MY32, Agua ICEBERG, RIO PIXIE, OCEAN PRO, RIO GRANDE, Agua VORTEX

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