Thursday, March 3

How to Recover Clash Royale Hack Account

Tutorial How to Recover Clash Royale Hack Accounts

Gmail Phishing is one of the most commonly used by hackers, and one of our readers message me @ facebook how she can recover her Clash Royale hack account.

Recover Clash Royale Hack

First: Contact Google

Call or email google about your hack account on google play store that somebody stolen your google email and password and change it! You have to provide some personal identity for verification purposes just like:
  • Date of Google Account was created
  • Last log in
  • Phone Number
  • Recovery Email
  • Gmail Contacts
  • Gmail Labels

Second: Contact Clash Royale Admin

  • On your Android or iOS device
  • Launch Clash Royale
  • Go to Help and Support Settings
  • Tap on Write New (See Picture Below)
Recover Clash Royale Hack
  • Compose a message, tell them that your account is hack and loss
  • Now they will reply
Recover Clash Royale Hack
  •  Just reply with the exact answers what they ask for verification
  • Then they will send you a CODE
  • or They will ask a account like this (
  • They will link your Clash Royale on to that google account
  • Done!

How to Recover your Clash Royale

  • Just go to your device setting
  • Then add the google account on your phone or tablet (the one you give -
  • Now open your Clash Royale 
  • Go to setting and tap on Google Play Sign In
Recover Clash Royale Hack
  • Just choose the google account you give
  • Done! Congratulation you hack account is recovered!

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