Monday, March 7

Lords Mobile - How to Get Stronger Fast

 Here's a few basic tricks how to get stronger quickly!

Lords Mobile Tips

Talents - Upgrade Talents using Talent Points you get when you level up!

Heroes - Heroes’ skills and army size can be upgraded using equipment and medals obtained from Heroes Stages.

Research - Research technologies in the Academy! 

Army - Train troops and upgrade them in the Barracks to strengthen your army!

Protecting your turf

Join a Guild - Joining a Guild will allow your Guildmates to help you out when you’re in trouble!

Shield - Activating a Shield can protect your Turf from attacks for a certain period of time.

Relocating - Caught in a never-ending battle? Had too many enemies? Relocate your Turf to another area on the map! 

Renaming - Changing your name will help you escape from enemies who are pursuing you!

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