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Friday, March 11

PLDT Ultera B2268s Admin Acces

Full tutorial on How to access ADMIN on PLDT Ultera B2268s. Automatic Admin log in access (Admin Password)

PLDT Ultera B2268s

Download B2268s V100R001C00SPC170 Firmware

  1. go to chrome://extensions/
  2. enable developer mode (skip this step if developer mode is enabled)
  3. select load unpacked extension
  4. select the directory of the extension (B2268S Android 20)

Admin Access Using homebro Account
  1. go to
  2. log in homebro account (homebro:homebro)
  3. click the extension icon (my avatar)
  4. click OK (important)

Admin Access Using admin Account

  1. make sure you have admin access using homebro account (see steps above)
  2. go to maintenance > backup/restore > restore configuration
  3. click choose file and select nanex.rom
  4. click upload
  5. click ok
  6. router will restart, please wait
  7. log in using admin account (admin:wowpangkape15)
  8. no need to activate extension if using admin account

Admin Access
Admin Change Password

PLDT Ultera B2268s Admin

Full admin Access Setting

PLDT Ultera B2268s Admin