Here's the official LOL Philippines 6.13 Manual Patch.

League of Legends PH Patch 6.13 [Manual Patch]  - [Download Link]

LOL 6.13 Updates

  •  Fixed a few cases where Ninja Tabi weren't properly reducing damage from empowered basic attacks (ex. Ashe's Q - Ranger's Focus)
  • Fixed a bug where Fiora would be locked out of Flash and Teleport if she died during Q - Lunge until casting Lunge again
  • Corrected Leona’s Q - Shield of Daybreak tooltip to indicate the stun lasts 1 second, not 1.25 seconds (actual stun duration unchanged)
  • Miss Fortune’s Passive - Love Tap and Shaco’s Passive - Backstab no longer apply extra stacks of Black Cleaver’s armor shred
  • Champions no longer get stuck when trying to walk behind Blue Sentinel’s little rock buddy
  • Fixed a bunch of cracks in the Zac Sweet Chromas on Very Low visual settings
  • Fixed a bug where toggling Relative Team Color wouldn't adjust the color of existing minions
  • Adjusted colors on a few of Challenger Nidalee's visual effects to improve readability
  • Restored custom particles for Blight Crystal Varus's E - Hail of Arrows when the arrows land

LOL 6.13 Upcoming Skins

Deep Sea Nami will be released during patch 6.13!

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