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Fix LOL File Patch Errors [Complete Guide][Download Links]

This method will help you save time and more additional tasks! This is a DO it Yourself (DIY) trick. Now you don't have to re-install your League of Legends Full client installer because of Patcher file stuck and errors!

How to Fix LOL Patcher Stuck

Fix LOL File Patch Errors
lol patch 6.15 stuck (Fix)

Before Patching make it sure you install the following:
  • AIR, IE & .NET. For Adobe AIR downloads, refer to Adobe: [Click Me].
  • For IE downloads, refer to Microsoft:[Click Me].
  • For 3.5 and 4.0 .Net Framework downloads, refer to Microsoft:

For me, it is better to patch your game manually to avoid errors and file corruptions.

To Patch League of Legends Manually:

  • Now install it to your computer and make sure it is located to your LOL file folder

Fix LOL File Patch Errors

  • Click INSTALL and FINISH
  • Lauch LOL and Play the GAME
  • Done!

++++But sometimes patching LOL will get you stuck and cannot be continued!

How to Fix File Error (Cannot be Patched) in LOL

Fix LOL File Patch Errors

++in this case it shows File doesn't match Air\assets\images\champions

Fix LOL File Patch Errors

++sometime LOL patcher will STOP installing or Stuck up and not continue....

Fix LOL File Patch Errors

Or It will state:

League of Legends Setup 'Failed to Apply Patch, Please Install Latest Game"

How to Fix this File Errors in (League of Legends)

Steps on Fixing LOL Client Patch Stuck or Not Installing

  • Look for the file that cannot be install or stuck
  • Example File: lootassets.swf 
  • Go to your League of Legends File Folder
  • Path: D:\lol\GameData\Apps\LoLPH\Air\mod\loot\themes\lolBrand
  • Now this file maybe corrupted or not the original file or maybe it is not the file recognize by the patcher
  • So the next step you will going to do is to find the original file on the LAST version for example, latest patch now is 6.16, now search for 6.15 patch file. (Since the my example file is lootassets.swf) now go to garena forum (-link) and search for the latest thread like - [Central Thread] Patch Version 6.*** File Errors
  • Then search and download the file that cannot continue or stuck upon installing the patch
  • Now copy that file you downloaded and paste it to where the file is located look just like here

after I paste the file I downloaded (lootassets.swf)

  • Now the Patcher is continue installing without any errors!
Since the patcher is stop and stuck on that particular file. (whatever it is)
We have to delete that file in LOL folder and replace it with the ORIGINAL file from the PREVIOUS Patch version. 

If you are looking for the LOL files that stuck on installing latest patch, here are the most and common files you need
Just click and Download Here (skip ad)

++++Download above file you need and follow my tutorial above. 

Just request any file you need here in the comment box and I will upload and update it for you!