The latest hacking of a high-profile Twitter account has occurred, and it's hit the company's CEO Jack Dorsey. After the hackers posted a few benign video clips, a tweet went up at 2:50AM ET saying "Hey, its OurMine,we are testing your security" and linking to their website. That tweet was quickly deleted, but it also linked to a short Vine clip which we've embedded below, and identical tweets continued to replace it. Hackers using the name OurMine have previously taken over some social media accounts of other CEOs, like Google's Sundar Pichai (via a Quora account) and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, but going after this CEO on his own platform - he sent the first public tweet seems new.

CEO Jack Dorsey

All of the OurMine messages posted to Dorsey's account (which, as of 3:25AM or so appears to have been scrubbed of the hacker's tweets), came through from Vine. It's possible Dorsey had an old/shared password on his Vine account or somehow connected it to another service that was compromised, which could've given OurMine access and matches what we've seen in previous hacks.

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