Tutorial How to Use Pokecrot (Pokemon Go BOT Hack)

Pokemon Go is a game that should be played outside and explore the area around you, it's a game genre Location-Based-game that uses AR (Augmented Reality) and GPS signal of your smartphone.

Pokemon GO Bot for PC (Pokecrot)

Because it's raining out side  now I try to use Pokemon Go Bot , Although you have a chance getting banned for using third party hacks.

I created new Pokemon Go account ( PTC) for this test..
Register Here:

1.) Download Script GUI Bot Pokecrot Version 4.1:  and extract in places that are easily found using winrar.
  Download link

2.) PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config right-click and select Edit with Notepad or Wordpad .

3.) Now Find and Edit the Following Below :
- Change Default Setting In PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config
- Auth Type <setting name="AuthType" serializeAs="String"> ( Write Value Google If Using Google Account , Write Value Ptc If Using PTC Account )
- Change Filter Pokemon ( Evolve , Not Catch , Not Transfer ) in Settings Folder (sa walang  alam True or Flase lang yun)
- Start Bot ( PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe )
Tips for editing use keyboard shortcut to find the Keyword  (CTRL + F) on the scripts press CTRL and Letter F.
Type the color Orange word below for easy editing!!

Then Edit Longitude and Latitude (your current location). To determine the coordinates of the point, you can visit the following sites: GPS Coordinates
Change Value = RED

<setting name = "DefaultLatitude" serializeAs = "string">
<value>0</ value> </ setting>
<setting name = "DefaultLongitude" serializeAs = "string">
<value>0</ value>
Sample :
Baguio City Public Market Rajah Soliman St, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
Latitude: 16.415132 | Longitude: 120.595268

After that specify you also want to log in using any account, the account Google or P okémon Trainer Club (PTC) . If you are using PTC account, the Google name was changed to PTC and do not forget to enter your username and password account you respectively.
Find CTRL+F Orange color
Change Value the  RED color
Sample login script PTC .
<setting name = "AuthType" serializeAs = "string">
<value> PTC </ value> </ setting>
<setting name = "PtcUsername" serializeAs = "string">
<value>PtcUsername </ value> </ setting>
<setting name = "PtcPassword" serializeAs = "string">
<value>PtcPassword</ value> </ setting> \

Sample login script Google .
<setting name = "AuthType" serializeAs = "string">
<value> Google </ value> </ setting>
<setting name = "GoogleEmail" serializeas = "string">
<value>GoogleEmail</ value> </ setting>
<setting name = "GooglePassword" serializeas = "string">
<value>GooglePassword</ value> </ setting>
Furthermore, if the location and your own account settings, save and close the notepad ++ how to push the button keyboard CTRL + S .
The final step, open PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe it will display a popup account info, settings as a google account / PTC and select the required option, and Save Configuration.
Happy Farming  ---  After  25 minutes depends on your GPS Location you choose Level 5 kana!!

After 1 hour level 9

NOTE: When Changing GPS Location Please Do Delete this.

If you don't believe it . try login the account on your smartphone Pokemon Go

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