Pokemon Go Trainer Nick Johnson from Brooklyn, New York had been playing Pokémon Go over the span of just a couple weeks and has since claimed that he has caught every pocket monster possible (in North America, that is). 
Out of the 147 Pokémon, Johnson claims he has found all 142 pocket monsters that are available in the United States. As of right now, there are only four Pokémon that are region-specific. They are Mr. Mime (Europe), Farfetch’d (Asia), Kangaskhan (Australia), and Tauros (North America). However according to some trainers, it’s quite possible to collect these Pokémon by hatching some eggs. 

According to CNN, Johnson caught 135 Pokémon in only the first week and half of playing. However, it only took him roughly two weeks to catch all available Pokémon. One of his bigger secrets isn’t even a secret at all. Johnson stated that he talked to A LOT of players who would help him find some of the more difficult Pokémon found in only certain areas. 

According to Johnson he spent anywhere between six to 10 hours a night walking around the city, staying up as late as 4 or 5 a.m. toward the end of his journey.
The road to Pokémon mastery was certainly not without adventure. Johnson said the craziest thing he did to catch one was order an Uber to drive him around Jersey City after another player tipped him off to an abundance of Dratini, a kind of Pokémon, there.
"I had the driver drive me around for a little bit until I found it. Luckily it didn't take me too long, so it wasn't too big of an Uber bill," he said with a laugh.

Johnson had this to say about everyone who assisted him with his captures:

    “I probably wouldn’t be here, having caught them all, if I hadn’t got those great tips like the Dratinis in Jersey City.”

That, my friends, is an incredible feat, even if he’s been given some help by fellow players. Regardless, it takes a lot of time and effort to hunt down even the rarest of Pokémon. The final capture happened the night of July 21st where he found his last remaining Pokémon in Central Park.

Catching them all isn't quite the end of the journey for Johnson. He said there are three regional Pokémon that are not available in the United States. The region exclusive Pokémon are Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch'd in Japan and Kangaskhan in Australia and New Zealand, but he'll soon have help catching those, too.

Johnson told CNN that Marriott Rewards offered to partner with him for the rest of his journey. 

Well, after having found all accessible Pokémon in the U.S., Marriott Rewards has decided to sponsor him to find the remaining Pokémon that are only located on other continents. A Marriott spokesperson has confirmed this to be indeed true, stating, “Marriott Rewards will be helping Nick on his international journey to catch the last remaining Pokémon.”

source: CNN

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