Tutorial on how to get Active Remote (Squid Proxy) to be use in Http Injector or Eproxy (PC or Android)
  1. Go to http://gatherproxy.com/embed/?c=USA or http://gatherproxy.com/embed/?c=japan 
  2. Jus look for those ip's with a port 80 ,3128 , 8080 ,60000
  3. Choose with a High Uptime
  4. Now go to: http://www.checker.freeproxy.ru/checker/
  5. or http://httptunnel.ge/proxychecker.aspx
Example Proxy:
  • 419.187.228.67:80
Working Squid Proxy

Now copy your chosen proxy  on > http://www.checker.freeproxy.ru/checker/ or http://httptunnel.ge/proxychecker.aspx after pasted it just click CHECK PROXY.

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