Tuesday, September 13

How to Fix Http Injector HPI Auto Disconnect

Hello infotechmaestro followers, today's tutorial is how to fix your HTTP INJECTOR auto disconnected on your internet modem.

Http Proxy Injector Problem Encountered:

  • Smartbro 4G Pocket WiFi Auto Disconnect (TNT/GLOBE)
  • LTE B315s-936 Auto Disconnect (TNT/GLOBE)
  • Sun/Smart/Globe Broadband Auto Disconnect (Eproxy/Http Injector)
  • Globe Tattoo Broadband Auto Disconnect using Http Proxy Injector

 How to Fix or Bypass Shh Auto Disconnect

Example: Mozilla
  • Right Click > Select Reload Every (5 Seconds)

Fix Http Injector

By doing this trick your internet session connectivity will not stop and your http proxy injector will never disconnect automatically again because your ISP connection is continuously using internet bytes.

Note: This Http Proxy Injector trick is tested in SmartBro 4G Pocket WiFi.

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