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Monday, September 19

Tutorial Epro Config (Payload/Shh/Remote Proxy)

Full Tutorial on How to Make .Epro Config
Eproxy Config Tutorial (Full Guide)

Eproxy Tutorial

Latest Eproxy For Android apk
Download Link

First create an SSH or VPN account below
Choose where you will be Loyal


After creating, screenshot first
you created an account, it looks like this

Epro Config

but for now let's go to EPROXY Open eproxy for android

Epro Config

Click the menu tab, then click Simple Maker
Make sure you have a payload or remote proxy, just search our site or google (payload or remote proxy infotechmaestro)

Epro Config
Just follow that, you can PUT / GET / POST just choose what works best for your payload

Note: You can also use the remote proxy, get the server you selected for the SSH account you created, just click the Menu Tab of the SSH site then click on SQUID. Find SQUID PROXY of the country you created. He is more okay with a VPN account than SSH.

After that, click MENU TAB again, then click SSH CONFIGURATION, Put the account you created on the site that I took a screenshot

Epro Config

At port 22 and 443
If you are an RP hunter, it is okay if you use 443 mostly because 443 works with RPs on free PROXY sites

Sock5 Setting
Auto Reconnect
Enable DNS Proxy
Enable Http Proxy

Epro Config

Tap back key
Then check this all


Epro Config

After starting, you will immediately go to the log to make sure this is the result

Epro Config

If so come out, congrats! You've made your own Working Epro Config! (200 OK)

Here is another one, if you want to go on and on and if one payload kills, someone else will still work, for me it 's okay and at Stable

Rotation Method (Multi Payload Config)
Just go to Simple Maker again, here is my sample working because all my payloads in POST
But you can still change, GET / HEAD / POST
Anything there is stable in your payload

This is how you should Config


Epro Config

Then generate config again and
same SSH account also
Not bad to try

Free Remote Proxy (Stable)
You can also hunt RP here to find you
It's okay to create an account on mytunneling.com and squid proxy is also the site you will use and it is more faster if you are alone.