Monday, November 28

Tutorial - Create Lazada Affiliate Banner Ads

Full tutorial on How to Setup Lazada  Ads banner on your blog or websites.

Create a Banner Code

1. Login Lazada Affiliate account 
2. Click the offers menu than click  Create Carousel Banner. see image below.
3. Select your Country and the your Category.
4. Select your banner layout ( number of display )
5. On the change banner size click the Guide 

For example: 
700x100  for long banner
300x250  square banner

6. Finally Get your banner then copy your code.

How to add banner code on blogger :

1. Login on your blogger account.
2. Now find and click "Layout", then click "ad a Gadget"
3.  On the Gadget select "HTML/JavaScript" paste your Lazada Banner there, save and your all set you can now see your banner ads on your site congrats

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