Durango: What is the best and powerful character to choose?

DURANGO is a unique Mobile Open World Sandbox MMORPG in which players are sent through a warp and into a prehistoric world surrounded by natural wilderness where dinosaurs and wild beast rule and roam freely.

Durango Tips

Seat Class Gender Skill Tree
1 Soldier Male Lv10 Melee
2 Office Worker Male Lv10 Building
3 Job Seeker Female Lv10 Defense
4 Engineer Male Lv10 Weapon Crafting
5 Homemaker Female Lv10 Cooking
6 Soldier Female Lv10 Melee
7 Homemaker Male Lv10 Cooking
8 Attendant Male Lv10 Craft Clothing
9 Office Worker Female Lv10 Building
10 Farmer Female Lv10 Farming
11 Farmer Male Lv10 Farming
12 Attendant Female Lv10 Craft Clothing
13 Engineer Female Lv10 Weapon Crafting
14 Student Male Lv10 Gather
15 Student Female Lv10 Gather
16 Job Seeker Male Lv10 Defense

Seat 1 & 6 Soldier Lv10 Melee = If combat is your preferred gameplay then this is the best initial skill you should get! From the start you will be able to learn melee combat skills up to level 10. Weapon specialization, Weapon base attacks, bare hand attacks, melee tactics are but a few of the skills you can learn from this expertise.
In Sync with Slaughter, Defense, Weapon Crafting, Craft Clothing.

Seat 2 & 9 Office Worker Lv10 Building = one of the crafting class. if building furniture, tents, houses even an entire village if your thing, then you should definitely start as a LV10 Builder. This might be more of a mid-end game class, but without this skill no one will be able to craft more complicated stuff.
In Sync with Gather and all crafting skills.

Seat 3 & 16 Job Seeker Lv10 Defense = “The last man/woman standing” If this is your motto then you should definitely start as an Lv10 Defense expert where you will be able to regenerate both your HP and stamina faster than anyone else, avoid and defend attacks more efficiently, increase your HP, Evasion and defense.
In Sync with Slaughter, Melee, Weapon Crafting, Craft Clothing.

Seat 4 & 13 Engineer Lv10 Weapon Crafting = sharp blade, giant sword, heavy hammer, weapons to slaughter and tools to build. This skill provides the basic foundation on tools and weapon creation. One of the in-demand and needed skill a player must have in order to survive the wild unforgiving world.
In Sync with, Melee and all crafting skills.

Seat 5 & 7 Homemaker Lv10 Cooking = with this skill you will be able to cook food that will not only regenerate stamina but will also provide you with extra buffs like STR+ or CHARISMA+. A delicious meal will also lessen a players fatigue, heal HP and prevent exhaustion.
In Sync with ALL PLAYERS (everyone needs to eat!)

Seat 8 & 12 Attendant Lv10 Craft Clothing= After water and food, clothing is one of the basic needs to survive especially in DURANGO where the cycle of night and day, sudden changes in weather can bring you to the brink of death. With this skill you will be able to craft cloths that will increase both defense, tolerance to fatigue and even increase the items you can carry.
In Sync with Slaughter and all crafting skills.

Seat 10 & 11 Farmer Lv10 Farming = is a mid-end game skill and if you want to be a farmer then I suggest that you also focus on your gathering skills. Farmers plant crops, manufacture fertilizers and create farming tools.
In Sync with Gather

Seat 14 & 15 Student Lv10 Gather = this skill tree focuses more on gathering basic resources from the wilderness. From gathering fruits, medicinal plants, mud and rocks, this skill is what you need to complete the crafting table.
In Sync with all crafting skills.

(the next 3 are not included on the character/class selection...not yet.)

Surviving = Exploration, Animal Training and Survival is the core aspect of this skill tree.
In Sync with, Melee, Defense.

Slaughter = the art of butchery. With this skill tree you will be able to learn how to efficiently dissect your cadaver and extract the most valuable parts. From skinning, deboning, meat gathering and seafood gathering.
In Sync with Melee, and all crafting skills.

Archery = long range attack and stealth mastery. With this skill tree you will be able to send death upon your targets even before they knew what hit them.
In Sync with Weapon Crafting, Defense, Surviving.

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