Thursday, January 5

How to Create EHI PH Server

I receive messages on my fb page asking for a Tutorial on How to create (SSH) EHI with Philippines server. So here's a tutorial on how to create a Philippines Server .ehi using http injector by Evozi. Free download in Google Playstore. 

WHAT YOU NEED: / admin / default / admin / 1234 / admin/ 1234

  • Go to your Injector App
  • Go to SSH Tab
  • Input PH SSH

  • Now Create Payload
  • Input Remote Proxy

  • Done! Now you have connected to VPN with PH IP.

When you have a PH IP using the app will help you reduce some lags in playing games like Mobile Legends, PUBGM, CODM and WildRift. But when your IP is Singapore or USA you will definitely experience High Ping Spikes in your gamplays.

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