How to Enable Soft Keys on Android

  • You need to have root access on your device.
  • Install Root Explorer or any file manager with which you can access the system partition. Below steps are given for Root Explorer.
  • Make sure your device is at least 70% charged to avoid complications during the process.

Section 2: Step by Step
  • Open your preferred file manager and mount the system partition as read-write in stead of read only. Grant superuser access when it prompts.
  • Go to the system folder present in the root of file system. i.e the path- /system
enable soft key

  • Now open the file “build.prop” in any Text Editor. For Root Explorer users, long click on “build.prop”file and tap on “Open with Text Editor”. (Before editing this file, for a safety, copy this file to the external memory card and save as a backup.)
enable soft key

  • Now add the following line to this file at the end:
  • Save and Exit.
  • Now reboot your device.
  • Voila! You now have soft keys on your device!

If soft keys are still not enabled, please check if you have typed in the exact line as above. There are some apps which do this for you with a single click. But these apps may cause boot loops. Done!

Tested on my Samsung Galaxy S3....

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