Friday, January 6

Moonlight Blade Sea APK for Android

Moonlight Blade Sea APK for Android

Words from DEVS:
To live up to the original aspirations and concentrate on "who invites wine to the moon" Mingyue test recruitment will start from February 20th to February 23rd, and the specific test time is from February 28th to March 13th; thank you all young heroes in advance Wait patiently. This test is still in a stability test. There are not many test qualifications, which will certainly not be able to meet the needs of massive reservation users; players who are not qualified for the test also please rest assured, we will speed up the development progress and let players play the game as soon as possible !Since the release of the Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Game, it has been committed to recreating the high-quality national style martial arts game experience of the Tianya Mingyue Sword Game in the square inches of the mobile terminal. In 2019, the Tiandao mobile game launched two tests of Chunyu and Feihua. We passed the tests and received many praises and expectations from Tiandao players, which inspired us to redouble our efforts to further improve and enrich this work.Thank you very much for your suggestions, expectations, and patiently continued waiting during the period. We also hope to maintain this insistence on high quality and continue to work hard to bring you a truly satisfactory gaming experience when the product is officially launched. Thanks again to all the young heroes for supporting the Tiandao mobile game!

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Moonlight Blade Sea

Moonlight Blade Sea English Patch

There is no confirmed release date and publisher of the English version. Hope it will come to the west soon so we can play without terrible lag. BTW, Tencent has told us that they are now negotiating with publishers from Russia. Maybe RU version will be announced soon. 

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