Friday, January 6

Ragnarok Mobile APK - Download & Play

Ragnarok Mobile are officially launched for Android and iOS users. Anyone who wants to dive into the fantasy earlier will have access to the open world  mmorpg of Ragnarok.

Ragnarok Mobile Now Available for Android! Download Now!

So feel free to play Ragnarok Mobile today
Ragnarok Mobile - Download link [Googledrive]

The game can only be installed in the device memory (2GB), so if your installation is failling, remove the sd card and try again.
  • Open the client and click “心动用户” to register Xindong Account.
(Note: You can also use QQ and Wechat account to login)
  • Log in the game with your Xindong Account on January 6 at 12:00 pm (GMT+8). I would recommend you to log in the game earlier. XD
  • Create a character
1. The pre-registration for the cbt sever will only be available for 1 hour for code-free entering.
2. Only Android Users have access to the stress test. (Note: if you’re iOS users you can borrow your firend’s iOS account to download the game from testflight or you can download Android emulators on PC)
3. The test will only be available to the first 20,000 players who log in the game and create a character.
4. The cbt sever will be separated from the obt server.