Ever wondered who will surpass PEWDIEPIE as most subscribed on YouTube? the 5 year old Ryan? Nope. We will brings you the actual list of YouTubers who are most subscribed on Youtube who can surpass pewdiepie and become the number one most subscribed channel on Youtube. A few weeks ago pewdiepie made a video where he reacted to an article named The Five Year Old Who Will Surpass Pewdiepie. He was actually amazed by the fact that the kid in the video was told to follow a script written by his parents/ someone else and also he found that there were very less comments on Ryan's videos considering the millions of views he gets. But Ryan's Toy Reviews channel hasn't really got the rate of increase of subscribers which is fast enough and also average monthly views to beat pewdiepie. The video shows you from statistical point of view, which channels can beat pewdiepie. Enjoy the video and do leave us a feedback!!

The Next PewDiePie Channel

Who Will Be The Next "King of YouTube"


In august of 2013, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PEWDIEPIE surpassed then most subscribed Youtube channel Smosh at around 11.5 million subscribers.In 2016, he was named one among 100 Most influential people on earth by TIME Four years after surpassing Smosh, pewdiepie is still the most subscribed channel on Youtube with more than 54 million subscribers. The gap between him and the second place is 23 million subscribers, which brings up this question. Is it possible that any other channel on YouTube will surpass this gigantic channel or pewdiepie will remain the king of YouTube.

The list of most subscribed YouTubers who might surpass pewdiepie is given below:

5. German Garmendia (runs two channels holasoygerman and juegagerman)

German Garmendia is a 27 year old youtuber from chile who runs two youtube channels holasoygerman ranked #2 just behind pewdiepie and Juegagerman ranked #16 on youtube. The total subscriber count of both his channels comes to a whooping 50 million. His second channel is gaining traction with an excellent 120 million views per month. He is the first youtuber to obtain TWO diamond play buttons for surpassing 10million subscribers on both his channels. At the end of 2017, his total subscriber count from both his channels will surpass pewdiepie but that’s not what we are looking for. His independent channels might need atleast 5 years to surpass pewdiepie.

4. Yuya (real name Mariand Castrejon CastaƱeda)

Mariand Castrejon CastaƱeda, also known as yuya is a 23 year old Mexican Youtuber whose videos are about makeup and beauty tip. She captures her audience with her really cool makeup tips and also with her unusual voice. This channel has around 18 million subscribers and is the 18th most subscribed Youtube channel. With her current growth rate, it would take her more than eight years to surpass pewdiepie.

3. ElrubiusOMG (real name El Rubius)

El Rubius is a 27 year old Spanish Youtuber whose videos are based on gaming and vlogging, His channel elrubiousOMG is 6th most subscribed channel on Youtube with a total view count of over 5 Billion. He appeared in a Spanish movie called Torrente 5 in 2014. His channel gets an average 130million views per month and the number is growing month by month bringing him at #3 in our list.

2. Whinderssonnunes (real name Whindersson Nunes)

Whindersson Nunes started his Youtube channel when he was 15 years old and since then, he hasn’t looked back. His videos are about parodies, vlogging, song writing and movie reviews. He is considered as the 2nd most influential Youtube personality by a Brazilian network platform, snack intelligence. He also runs a standup comedy show called Marmininu which is visited by more than a million Brazilian fans. This growth rate and popularity at the age of 22 brings whindersonnunes on #2 in our list.

1. Fernanfloo (real name Luis Fernando Flores)

Luis Fernando Flores is 24 years old Youtuber from El Salvador. His channel Fernanfloo is 12th most subscribed channel on Youtube. His videos are mostly based on gaming with a little big of vlogging and challenges. In 2016, fernanfloo gained a whooping 10 million subscribers and that’s an astonishing growth rate. His current average number of views per month is almost 200 million. That makes him the number one contender who might beat pewdiepie and become the next king of Youtube.

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