If you are using Globe Tattoo or Broadband stick this year and wondering how you can check your rewards points which you can use to redeem rewards items such as internet surfing, call and text, unlimited Facebook, gadgets and gift certificates (GC's) for shopping and leisure, below are simple guide that may help you.

So better hurry up before it expires this coming March 31, 2018.

How to CHECK or REDEEM your Globe Prepaid Reward Points for Internet Surfing and Facebook this 2017

How to CHECK:

1. Type BAL and send to 4438
2. You need P1 to inquire your reward points. Wait for 4438 reply

List of ITEMS for Internet SURFING or Mobile Data:

1. Text ITEMS2 and send to 4438 (no load deductions)
2. Wait for 4438 reply
3. List of Items:
FB1D - 1 point: Unli Facebook for 1 day
GOSURF10 - 2 points: 40MB Surf valid for 1 day
GOSURF15 - 3 points: 40MB Surf valid for 2 days
GOSURF30 - 6 points: 100MB Surf valid for 1 day
GOSURF50 - 10 points: 700MB Surf valid for 3 days
GOSURF99 - 20 points: 200MB Surf valid for 30 days
4. You can also try other items by sendingor texting ITEMS, ITEMS3, ITEMS4 and ITEMS5 to 4438.

How to REDEEM Globe/TM Points:

1. Text REDEEM<space><ITEMCODE> to 4438
2. P1 per text and wait for 4438 reply
3. Example: REDEEM GOSURF50 then send to 4438

I recommend GOSURF50 because you can enjoy 700MB (716,800 Kb of data) for 10 points only and FB1D for 1 day unlimited Facebook.

How to share your Globe Prepaid Reward Points to your Globe's Friends as a GIFT

1. Type GIFT<space>ITEM CODE<space>10 DIGIT SIM Number then send to 4438
2. P1 per transaction, Example, GIFT GOSURF50 0916XXXXXXX

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