Thursday, September 7

How to Play Arena of Valor without LOAD [Globe/TM]

arena of valor freenet

Download Arena of Valor ehi low ping here

Are you a MOBA player? I mean mobile legends addict? Well, this post will help you a lot if oyu want to play Strike of Kings with free internet.

What you need:
1. Globe or TM sim card
2. VPN App [I recommend http injector -  download in PlayStore]
3. http injector ehi config file download it (here)
4. soon you will need it that file - .ehi

1. Go to your modem gui example:
2. type REDEEM FB1D send to 4438 or
    Download Globe Switch Apk and activate or redeem all
3. Wait for confirmation
4. Now download VPN App like http Injector on playstore
5. Open Http Injector on your phone
6. Now import the file you download it on step 4
7. Tap on start button [You should be connected now]
8. Open Arena of Valor
9. Enjoy your game!

On the step 1, if you dont have modem and using you phone data only
Just text drectly to your phone REDEEM FB1D send to 4438 then proceed to step 2 to 9 above.

 Note 2:
The EHI config I share here is Open SSH and RP

Hope you can do it yourself, just drop a comment below if you cant follow my tutorial.

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