Wednesday, October 18

Arena of Valor Low ping ehi [Full Tutorial]

Now you can play Garena Arena of Valor for FREE! Yes for free even you don't have load or any mb data allocation. By using your GlobeOne or Globe Switch apk redeem points you can play Arena of Valor for free using injector apk app available in GooglePlayStore. Just follow steps below.

Arena of Valor Low ping ehi

  1. Download http injector on GooglePlay [-link]
  2. Install and open injector app on your Android
  3. Download ehi file here [-link]
  4. import ehi file on your injector
  5. Tap on Start button
  6. If it say connected now your ready to play
  7. Open Arena of Valor and Play!

Note: If you cannot connect follow this steps first then go back to the steps 1 - 7 again.

  • Download Globe Switch on GooglePlay [-link]
  • Accept Offers atleast 200MB or 20MBx10
  • Restart your Phone
  • Do Steps 1 - 7 on the top.
Any question just drop in a comment section. Now you can play Arena of Valor for FREE without any single of Load or Promo.

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