How To Create Chat Room Using Facebook Messenger

How To Create A Chat Room

Step 1
Download the messenger version
This link ---- (FB MESSENGER)

Step 2
Uninstall Your Messenger then you install your new dl messenger then open you

Step 3
You are looking for a chat room that is full. If you're not able to find anything, try this. https://m.me/g/AbYv_j0Wa7roDItb

Ps, just don't mind what the title of that chat room is, that's all I can find. Sorry

Step 4
When you click a chat room that I set, below that you can read a room full. Then it's down there there is a business chat room

Step 5
You are already made your chat room, uninstall my dl with you, then dl you again new update messenger

Step 6
Congrats, you have a chat room already

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