Tutorial How to Unlock http injector payload which is lock by the creator itself.

Opener EHI

Watch full video at YouTube (EHI OPENER)

Steps how to sniff ehi payload
Http injector one of the most combat tools or supporting applications in the free internet requirement on android in exploiting a bug and method

Well for you guys for beginners would be difficult to make it right now I will share the way clay config others

Easy way to sniff / unload locked HI payload Make payload for HTTP Injector config is difficult, because we have to check bug and method, toturial about sniffer or see bug in all config. Both config http injector or other config This article I publish or share for gretonger-gretonger

Note: for learning only

1 do not forget ya install in twrp framework xposed and exposed apk installer (adjust android version search in guugle)

2 download and install (OpenEhi Download)

3 open exposed app >> modules and check OpenEhi then reboot
And the test ...

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