Microsoft has just unveiled a new Windows logo, along with about 100 redesigned app icons.


Jon Friedman, head of Microsoft Office Design, unveiled the redesigned logo and app icons through an announcement. In the images included in the post, one can see the new icons having a seamless, consistent look. While Microsoft didn’t explicitly mention that the Windows logo was tweaked as well, one can see the OS logo in the image included in the announcement.


Through extensive testing and customer feedback, Microsoft’s design team arrived at the conclusion of what consumers wanted to see in their icons. As seen in the images, Microsoft’s design team “incorporated rich gradients, broadened our spectrum of colors, and implemented a dynamic motion with ribbon-like qualities.


Microsoft stated that the redesign was done in order to have a fluent design system across the board. Jon Friedman stated that they faced two major challenges, namely needing to innovate and change while maintaining familiarity. He added:

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