Hello friends one of my YouTube channel has been disabled and cannot be monetized due to unknown reason its says multiple violations or maybe many YouTube users report my videos for personal reasons.

Okay now how can you fix this problem? Is it possible to get back your channels in a disabled adsense account? The answer is YES! if you follow carefully my tutorial.

Steps on How to get back YouTube Channels with Disabled Adsense Account

First and foremost your channel / channels must be a brand account.

Lets start, go to gmail and sign in your disabled YouTube Channel

choose account you want to transfer to another google account

click on + sign at the top
enter the gmail account you want to transfer the ownership

Now SIGN OUT to google and SIGN IN the email you used above
Accept the INVITATION on gmail.

Now you succesfully transfer the ownership of your channel to another google account. After 7 Days google says you can delete the old owner gmail account and make your new account as the primary owner.

Now after reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you can now apply your channels.

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