Saturday, October 31

₱100 Load – 1Month Unlimited Internet for LOL WildRift (LOW PING)

This tutorial on how get unlimited internet for LOL Mobile or WildRift in 1 Month for only 100Pesos Data Load.

LOL WildRift

In this case we will use a good vpn provider I will recommend (PureVPN) you can get it on PlayStore or Download PureVpn Premium Apk version - (Click Here)


Ok lets get started.


Hints: If you have extra data download first the PureVpn App so that the 100Pesos load will not consume. So download first the vpn app before you load in.


Steps on 1Month Unlimited Internet (WildRift):

  • Turn off your DATA
  • Load your SIM 100 Pesos
  • Now Register to GAMES99 send to 8080
  • After confirmation turn on your Data
  • Open your VPN app (link - PureVpn)
  • Connect to lowest ping server (I recommended Singapore Server)
  • After connected you can now open your LOL WILDRIFT
  • Enjoy Playing for 1Month Unlimited

Note: This trick is for playing WildRift only. Don't use your DATA for watching YouTube or any browsing site, or else your data will be lost.


GAMES99 Promo details:
* 300MB data allocation for Games
* Valid for 30 days or 1 month
* Requires 99 PHP LOAD


300MB will be Bypass by the VPN, so that you will continue playing your WildRift apk game unlimited for 1Month.



Download PureVpn Premium Apk version - (Click Here)

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