Monday, November 16

Fix Lag on Samsung Galaxy Phones in LOL WildRift (Low Ping Tutorial)

Fix Lag on Wildrift

Hing ping spikes or FPS Drop will always ruined your gameplays while playing on your Samsung Galaxy. I will teach you How you can Fix LAG on LOL WildRift or League of Legends Mobile.

Steps How to Fix LAG on Samsung Galaxy in WildRift

  • Open your phone and go to SETTINGS
  • Scroll down and find DEVELOPER OPTIONS
Fix Lag on Wildrift
Fix Lag on Wildrift
  • STOP all unnecessary APPS that Running on Background
Fix Lag on Wildrift

Example Apps to be STOP:

TeeService, Meesenger, Bluetooth, BixbyHome, Facebook, com.qualcomm.embms, com.qualcomm.atfwd, Samsung Push Service etc.

Note: All this running apps you stop will run again after you reboot your phone. So before you play your WildRift do this first so that you can play without LAG.

  • Final Step Go to SETTINGS again
Fix Lag on Wildrift
  • Tap on DEVICE CARE
Fix Lag on Wildrift
  • Tap on MEMORY
Fix Lag on Wildrift
  • Done! Now Open your WildRift and Play

You will notice your ping is green and stable without LAG.

If you have question, comment below.

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