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Edifier Hecate GM4 Review – Wireless Gaming Earphone

So today what we have here is Edifier Hecate GM4. It is a true wireless earbuds which Edifier claims that it is made for gaming as seen on the description box.

Hecate GM4

I'm not too sure what's it, but either way today we're going to take a look at it and then do a quick latency test and see if it's actually really meant for gaming or not. 

So let's start off with the unboxing. It's just a real simple sleeve, and then there's another lead here. Kind of excessive, but well, an opening up we can see that the case of the ear buds are now placed in this really nice piece of foam.

hecate gm4 earphone

An at first glance this. Case looks like either a doorstopper or a real tiny mouse. Actually, if it doubles as a mouse, I would give it 10 out of 10 instantly because it's functional at the same time.

Edifier Hecate GM4

Let's take a look at the case again, and then we can see there's the USB Type C charging port at the site. Good that they're using Type C and also second good is that they're putting it at the side and not at the bottom here, because if it's at the bottom then you have the Apple Magic mouse situation going on.

hecate gm4 usb

Here is the battery indicator for the case.

hecate gm4 case

So taking out the ear buds, they're all just really plasticky, but that's OK, so taking out the ear buds is kind of challenging because of how this lid is shaped, even though it does have a locking mechanism which is good. But how it curves back down kind of defeats the whole purpose, and taking out the ear buds. 

Edifier Hecate GM4 Bluetooth

Edifier always says that they are using Original app task, but this time around they're using SVC presumably is because they just want to focus on gaming audio, which is why you need low bit rate for that low latency. But anyway, let's just put this in and see how things go. I tried to download the Edifier Connect app and surprise, it doesn't work with the Edifier Hecate GM4, so you're out of luck. So once you buy this, that's all you get in terms of sound quality. 

My first impression here is that Edifier Hecate GM4 is very good in terms of bass, the highest in the trebles are definitely not as good as the bass. They kind of just drag down the entire song frequency response. What I wanna know is the low latency game mode which is triggered by triple tapping the right side.

Edifier Hecate GM4 is only available in a single design and also a single color, and it is priced at 3,000. For everything that it offers, I think it's pretty OK in terms of prices, just that please do remember that if you want to play games like those games that really require perfect synchronization between your animations and also sound. It's best to use wired, so yeah, that's it. That's all we have to say about this thing.

Edifier Hecate GM4 Full Specs

SpecsEdifier Hecate GM4
Vocalism Dynamic
Control ButtonYes
Volume ControlYes
Wireless TypeBluetooth
FunctionFor Video Games
Rangeup to 32 Ω
Bluetooth Version5.0
Frequency Response20 - 20000Hz
Charging MethodCharging case
COLORSBlack with blue led
SRP PRICE₱3,399 Official Price in Philippines
BUY ONLINEEdifier Hecate GM4 → LAZADA (for only ₱3,000)

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