Thursday, December 3

How to install Perf Z – Check Game FPS on your Samsung Phone / Tablet

If you watch any of streamers regarding Samsung phones or even tablets for that matter, you will see this little widget on the screen and within this little widget we can see the FPS, the CPU and GPU utilization and also the temperature floating in the screen while playing games.

Perf Z

So today I'm going to teach you how to enable it, and it is actually quite simple yet applicable to every single assumption smartphone and tablets out there right now. So what you gotta do is to use the Samsung Game Launcher and then from there just launch any games that you can find. All you have on your phone. And then open the notification bar and then you will see a special little game icon right there.

perf z samsung

Tap on that and then on the top right corner of that little widget there right beside the Gear Settings menu button. You can see there's a little jigsaw puzzle piece with a down arrow tap on this

samsung game fps show

and then you hit into a menu inside the Galaxy Store itself to download something called the game plugins. And then what you got to do is to download any sort of game plugins. Or in our case here, I don't know why it says update, so just update it and then once the installation is done press open and then you will be greeted with a menu that says welcome to game plugins.

samsung game plugins

I'll skip all of the preamble an hit into the main menu itself, where there is something called Perf Z. So what you got to do is to tap into Perf Z

perf z

and then you will be linked into the Galaxy Store again and now you gotta download the Privacy plugin. 

install perf z

And once that's done installing. Head back to the Games plugin menu and then you can see Perf Z can now be enabled and now with Perf Z installed you can just tap on it to enable it.

enabled perf z

Go through some other permission settings and then finally you can hit back into your game and see your CPU utilization, your GPU utilization, your FPS and also your devices temperature. And best of all, this widget is actually quite customizable too. As you can see here we can configure it to be just a little thin bar graph there to see the utilization. Or you can even expand it to see a little bit more complete in terms of information. Or you can change the way it is laid out as well. Or you can even disable the individual bar graphs according to which one is more important to you, or also adjust how it looks and whatnot. Well, you get the idea, it's just really highly customization.

perf z customization

And one more thing is that you can actually tune how it is laid out, so by default we have is everything is in one vertical line, but you can also make it in a two by two grid. Or everything in just one horizontal line. It really depends on how you want it to be, and so far I realize that this thing is just really versatile. An it applies to every single game that you have installed on your Samsung tablet or smartphone. So that's it. I think this is a really good widget for you to have on your phone, especially if you are a tech geek like we are and you just want to know every single Nook and cranny about your phone. 

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