Tuesday, May 11

How to Fix Van 152 HWID Ban on VALORANT

RIOT false banning is hammering to any accounts every month even your not using any cheats or hacks. Sometimes you will got a VAN 152 error code and you will not able to play VALORANT in your PC again. But today im going to teach you how to unban your HWID BAN PC or laptop so you can play again your VALORANT without buying a new PC.


How to Fix VAN 152 HWID PC Ban on VALORANT


  • American Megatrends BIOS 
  • USB Flashdrive


Things you need: (Just click SKIP AD)

APTIO 5 or 4 (Download HERE)

FD44editor (Download HERE)

Rufus Bootable Creator (Download HERE)

Copy File to USB (Download HERE)

Step by Step Tutorial:

Uninstall Valorant

Open Aptio (AFUWIN) (search on APTIO folder)

Click Progress tab then click Save

Now you successfully just created your afuwin.rom backup.

Next is to Change afuwin.rom to bios.rom

Open F44Editor and load your bios.rom image file and change the serials


After you change the serials of card mac, sytem uuid and motherboard S/N then click save to BIOS image file..

Next step create bootable DOS USB flashdrive.

Plug in your USB and format to DOS (Follow settings below image)

Open USB file then add or put the "Copy File to USB" files in your USB and the bios.rom you created

Now restart your PC and boot it on your USB. You can search your pc how to boot it from your USB flashdrive or you can jsut press F8 and choose your USB Pendrive.

Now your DOS USB flashdrive will automatically boot and will try to update your BIOS.

Successfully change serial on your mobo and uuid looks like this

Now reboot your computer.

Next step is to change your HDD volome ID

open CMD as administrator and type diskpart

type select disk 0

type uniqueid disk

to change it

type uniqueid disk id =12345678 (type any number and letter)

Next step is to change your computer MAC address

Go here and download TMAC (download link)

change your MAC click random mac address then click change now

Reboot your computer

After reboot Now install VALORANT and create new account and Play wihout HWID ban again.

Hope this tutorials works for you!

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